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Fire Procedure

  • Call 9-1-1 immediately — give specific information on the location of the fire
  • Activate the building's fire alarm
  • Call 439-6385 to notify Administration of the incident
    See the Building Evacuation Procedure for evacuation assistance, otherwise proceed to the next step.
  • Evacuate students and staff using the posted plans in each classroom, closing all doors
  • Do not use elevators
  • Assist the disabled outdoors or to an enclosed stairwell
  • Advise Emergency Responders of the location of disabled persons
  • Evacuate to assigned locations, a safe distance outside of the building
  • Administration, Faculty, Staff and Support Staff should take the fire drill folder as they exit the room which contains a class roster
  • Follow normal fire drill route or follow an alternate route if the normal route is too dangerous
  • Keep clear of roads and driveways
  • Physical Plant Director or designee will work with PPS to shut down utility systems
  • Administration, Faculty, Staff and Support Staff take attendance after arriving at their assigned location
  • The College Incident Commander or designee may move students to Evacuation Relocation Center if weather is inclement or building is damaged, after consulting with Physical Plant Director
  • No one may re-enter building(s) until the entire building(s) is declared safe by the Petoskey Department of Public Safety
  • The College Incident Commander or designee notifies students and staff of end of an emergency
  • Resume normal operations