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Legal Assistant Programs at North Central Michigan College

Legal assistants have an important role in the legal system, providing critical support to attorneys and contributing to the delivery of justice. Their contributions to the legal process include research, document preparation, and case management. Legal assistants work in law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies, and there is potential for advancement within the legal field for professionals with this skill set.


Legal Assistant — Associate of Applied Science:

The Legal Assistant Associate of Applied Science program provides focused training and applied knowledge for success in real-world legal settings. The curriculum aligns with current legal industry needs and requirements while offering flexibility to explore specific areas of interest within legal support, or to pursue further specialization in a particular legal field.

Legal Assistant — Certificate of Development:

The Legal Assistant Certificate of Development is a targeted, efficient program designed to provide graduates with specialized skills in legal support. Tailored for individuals seeking a streamlined and focused educational experience, this certificate program offers quick entry into the legal profession.

Program Requirements & Suggested Course Sequences

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"I really enjoyed how the classes were set up, and I felt that they helped me accomplish my goals. Completing the Legal Assistant program helped me gain new responsibilities at my present firm by enabling me to better support the attorneys."

Lisa Schrock - NCMC Alumna