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Creative Arts Programs at North Central Michigan College

A creative arts education requires adaptability and versatility, skills highly valued in today's dynamic job market. Graduates are valued for their ability to problem-solve, think outside the box, and convey complex ideas through different mediums. Students in North Central’s creative arts program work alongside a community of artists to hone their skills and artistic style in a challenging, supportive environment.

Art — Associate of Arts Concentration:

An Associate of Arts Concentration in Art provides a flexible, cost-effective foundation for completion of a Bachelor of Fine Arts or related fields.

This program meets Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) requirements, which guarantees your North Central credits will transfer seamlessly to participating partner universities statewide.

Digital Art & Design — Associate of Applied Science:

The Associate of Applied Science in Digital Art and Design is designed to revolutionize the traditional role of design, focusing on improving the visual appearance and function of communication in various forms, from architecture to graphic design. Graduates will be well prepared to enter the creative industry immediately or to continue their education at a school of art and design.

Animation — Certificate:

The Certificate of Animation is designed for students working toward a career in the animation industry or related fields. Gain exposure to real-world projects in preparation for a career as an entry-level animator or for transfer to a four-year program.

Fine Craft — Certificate:

Explore your personal artistic voice while honing technical skills with hands-on training in traditional and contemporary media. Graduates are well prepared to transfer to a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program or begin a studio practice.

Studio Art — Certificate:

Explore and develop skills across artistic disciplines as you learn to articulate your ideas visually and gain a deeper understanding of your artistic voice. Graduates are well prepared to transfer to a four-­year Bachelor of Fine Arts program or to begin a studio practice.

Business of Art — Certificate of Development:

Combine creative arts with business acumen to develop entrepreneurial skills within the context of the art industry. Acquire a solid foundation in art while creating a workable business plan and finding and using various funding mechanisms. Graduates are well prepared to begin a studio practice or strengthen their existing business.

Graphic Arts — Certificate of Development:

The Certificate of Development in Graphic Arts offers concentrated curriculum that keeps pace with evolving design trends and industry demands. Build a strong professional portfolio in preparation for transfer to a four-year program or entry into the workforce as graphic designers.

New Media — Certificate of Development:

This certificate provides specialized training and expertise in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Gain focused, hands-on experience in capturing and preparing video for the web or other media, including digital and web-based audio and video recording, editing, and presentation.


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Student posing with arm resting on board game box

Student Spotlight

River Holt, multimedia artist

Playing board games was central to bonding with family and friends throughout River Holt's childhood. "Being able to produce my own game and share it with these people — to say, 'Hey, the thing you introduced me to when I was a little kid is now something I'm going to create professionally' — that's just really cool."

Meet River